Without a doubt there are a lot of international holidays to get excited about BUT we feel this one deserves it's own FESTIVAL because, well... it's kinda a BIG DILL (get it?).

INTERNATIONAL PICKLE DAY is November 14th and to pay homage to the very deserving pickle, we are throwing a huge festy celebrating ALL THINGS PICKLE on Saturday November 16th with our very best mates at Jameson Whiskey.

Let us paint you a picture of what the day looks like...

  • Specialty brewed beers with pickle influence from our local brewery mates.

  • Jameson Whiskey Pickle-back slushies

  • A full menu that hero's the pickle in every possible way including pickle brine wings, fried pickle dawgs & pickle pops

  • Pickle eating competition (obviously)

  • The honkiest Tonkiest bands this side of Petersham

  • Photo ops with our Dill-ightful mascots

  • Just tonnes of fun stuff really so dill with it 🤙🏻

To pre-register for the pickle eating competition email with the subject line “PICKLE MY PIE HOLE” for your chance to win some crazy prizes and bar vouchers!



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